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Hours:  8AM - 5PM  Monday-Thursday;  8AM - 4PM  Friday

Many patients in need of psychiatric care are often resistant to seek treatment.  We will do our best to ensure you are comfortable and make your treatment as affordable as possible.  Unlike other specialties, there are very few ancillary charges.  We hope you will contact us to discuss treatment options.

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Can I Afford Psychiatric Care?

Healthcare continues to change rapidly and can be very confusing for patients.  Savannah Psychiatry is more than happy to clarify your benefits prior to making an appointment.  Patients both in and out of network are often surprised how affordable psychiatric care can be.  We take care of many patients outside of our insurance networks.

The Initial Consultation is an hour long visit in which our provider spends time getting to know you.  Your provider will work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan catered to meet your psychiatric needs.  For patients without insurance, the initial consult fee is $300.

After your Initial Consultation, you will be scheduled for regular Follow-Up Visits to monitor your progress and continue your treatment plan.   For patients without insurance, most visits range between $85 - $150.